Smart Kit – Smart Numbers + Smart Letters

Are you for a playing toy that can equally educate your child?

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You don’t have to search any further because smart kit is all in one. It is a toy that can help make the educational foundation of your child strong. Parents and teachers love this clever toy since it stimulates thinking, logic and problem solving. And the content is school and family friendly. Moreover it is sold at an affordable price.

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Marbotic Smart Letters – Interactive Learning Toy for Tablets

What is special about this toy?

Marobotic smart kit is two in one toy. With smart letters and smart numbers that help your child play and learn numbers and letters from A – Z. smart kit reduces space and cost for you and also favour your kids in terms of it dual purpose functionality.

Instead of buying toys of single purpose at almost the same rate, is better you go for smart kit. And another special thing about it is that smart kit can work without WiFi, Bluetooth or batteries. They are passive pieces, that are powered by the static electricity of the body and this make it both very reliable and safe for kid(s). And most importantly is that the toy has been thoroughly tested and complies with US, Canada and Europe safety norms. So therefore, it is very safe for your kids to use.

So hurry now and get smart kit for your kid(s)!!!

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Smart Letters Smart Numbers



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