Kurio Watch Smart Way To Improve Kids’ Style

Kurio Watch Smart Way To Improve Kids’ Style

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Kurio watch is an Android watch that can be used to make calls and receive calls and it was basically built for children from ages of 4 – 15. And it can also be connected to a parent’s phone to enable the kids to move freely and still take calls and make calls with no additional plan being required.

New improved kid’s style

It is preloaded with contents for kids and parents as well to bring out the unique style in your kids. And these contents are;

  • Over 20 packed Best – Sellers’ game and Apps. And some of the games are; ninja roll, Pirates battle, tic-tac-toe, snake and many more!!! And it plays games in single and 2-player mode or use the built-in motion sensor to play active games
  • It has educational content e-books for your kids’ intellectual development.
  • It has app management for full control of all contents.
  • It has unique profiles
  • It has cameras (front and rear), a music player, video player, messaging and photo editor features for kids’ entertainment.
  • Includes productivity tools – Alarm clock, calendar, contacts, calculator, an activity Tracker and much more!
Image source: kuriowatch.com

Why do you have to buy Kurio watch?

  • Aside the above content of this watch, the Kurio Watch is a real smart watch with a high resolution touch screen, Ultra Clear Shields Screen Protector, 256MB internal memory, plus an extra 32Gm of memory with the micro sadhu card slot, USB cable and a Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • It uses Bluetooth technology to send messages and make phone calls to other Kurio Watches & Android devices. Send pictures, emojis, Doodles, texts and more through the watch’s messaging features!
  • The watch features an app for in case of an emergency (I.C.E.), where parents can enter their child’s critical Data – from emergency contacts to medical information
    What’s more?
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Image source: kuriowatch.com

It is affordable and equally durable for your kids taste. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and see Kurio watch delivered to you both in U.S. and anywhere outside U.S.

Buy now from Amazon:

Kurio Watch
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