Doodle Duvet enough room for artistic design

Doodle Duvet enough room for artistic design

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The doodle duvet is a top quality 200 threaded 100 percent cotton, includes an 8-pack of machine washable fabric markers that comes in so many colors (including Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red and Purple), and is available for both twin and queen bed sizes, that is used for covering your body while sleeping to avoid cold and have a very comfortable sleep.

Why go for doodle duvet?

The Doodle Duvet is a duvet that you can draw on using special markers that can easily be cleaned simply by throwing it in water and then you wash it off. Which means it is very easy to maintain without requiring much skills from you and at the same time allow your kids to draw. In order words, it is perfect for kids looking to express their artistic abilities on their bed rather than any other place around your house. For instance your kids have the freedom to put their imagination down on the duvet in form of drawings like boobs on themselves or any other kind of drawing while lying on the bed.

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Special things about doodle duvet

It comes along with a bonus of clover water soluble pencil assortment that your kid will be using in drawing on the duvet. Therefore it saves you cost of buying soluble pencil separately and the cost of Doodle duvet is readily affordable. The notepad graphic is printed on both sides of the duvet so that once one side fills up; you can flip it over and start all over again. Thereby it gives you and your kids’ better space for drawing. Another wonderful thing about this product is that you can design, wash it out anytime and draw again. Therefore, with Doodle duvet artistic design has no limit.
What are you still waiting for? Hurry now and get this renowned doodle duvet for your kids’ excitements!!!!

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